This is Form 2 Collegian . For God sake , dia adik saya. 

Thanks for the post at your blog.
Your kakak quite touching laa. >.<
Selalunya , Bean yang dok keja bg kkak terharu dekat blog dia   
Bangga sangat bila ada orang teringin tulis pasai kita, sikit pon takpa.
No joke :)
First time ada adik lelaki. I mean , yang betul betul pangkat adik.
Before nih, adik lelaki kakak suma umuq sama.
Antaranya ; Shahrezuwan 
Beza brapa hari jaa pon. Gagah jgak nk jadi adik.
Nak jadi boyfriend tak boleh, :) Your kakak is TAKEN without any declaration. 
 << pinjam ayat syanaFAUZI >>
HAHA, Pandai noh amek hati kakLELYA dengan kakKET.
kakANAH toksah dok kata laa. Dok jeles hubungan kita beropaa lama dah.
Special thanks kat kakANAH sebab blanja kita cakes SR,

P.s : Adik , jangan dok playboyy sangat nahh. Tibai satg. Sorry semak kan wall post adik sebab dok lawan komen dgn KertZa semalam. Kami saja ada inisiatif lain. Abang-abang terchintaa Faiz Samsudin  & Amir Ikrami   .. Nanti kita lepak lain before korg pegi Mesir. Bdw, jangan laa dok tudoh adikDanial nih boyfriend adik. Takpasai jaa dia . '==. 

We only have one life :)

Caption : Love is fun ? Ahaks. You know the answer :)

Everytime I hear this statement, I actually afraid.
Do you get it ?
What if one day, we're separated ?
What if one day, one of us die ?
What if one day, we can't meet like we do now ?
What if one day, we can't talk like we do now ?
What if one day, we can't text like we use to now ?
And what if , I meet another guy ,
without ever telling you that
' I you '

p/s : Don't blame me for not saying those three words to you. -________-

ilikeyou OR iloveyou ?

i LIKE you || i LOVE you

Before I start to write more, lets us see

and know the REAL meaning of the words by heart.

There’s such a huge different between both words.

Other than their spelling, of course.

As for me , LIKE is some kind of feeling that you have

When you think that someone is nice or enjoy being with them

While LOVE , is to have a strong feeling of caring for and liking somebody,

Combined with sexual attraction. *nyittttt*

Well , if you are telling me that ' I love you , Dena ' ,

You're crazy because falling in love with me .

But , if I said ' I love you , '

I am rather crazier than you ,

Because that would be the last words I said to any other people.

P/s : Only my beloved one will call me 'DENA' . :D


You're mine. Until you get married. :)

P/s : This is captured at our old house. :)

His name is Mohd Helmi B Mohd Jamil. One of my heroes collections.
When will you come back to Alor Setar ? :(
I'm kinda miss you a lot.
I miss your nagging, all the time.
Telling me what to do and what to not.
The one that always remind me about praying time.
Your skills of waking me up every Subuh was awesome.
One of it ;

' Bangun chek bangun. Dunia dah nak kiamat ni. Bangun! '

Bongok betol.
Then , you're the one that always comment about my appearances.
I just don't know. But i am so easy with you.
Even sometimes your mouth is quite LASER,

If I forget to put on my scarf, you'll advice me softly.
Like ;

' Rambut tu lawa. Tapi kalo pakai tudung lagi lawa. '

Seriously, tak terasa pon.

People will think im crazy.
Extremely obsessed with my very own brothers.
Thats good than obsessed to boys, I guess.

P/s : My brothers are mine until they get married :D HAHA.queen-control derr.So, still interested to be my
brother ? *imjustkidding

I will never love you more :)

The way I blush when I think of you
The way I smile when I remember your words
The way I almost wanna pass out when someone mentions you =___________________=
The way I wanna go to bed early just so I can dream of you

The way I wanna hold your hand
The way I write your name on my school testpad paper
The way I wish I shared every class with you
The way I hope we will spend all day long at the Public Library when it just you and me
The way I want to loiter with you , doing some Hainan-ing together
The way my heart beats faster
And the way I feel when I imagine you with me *Dupdap Dupdap*

I'm not like any other girl,
Who's ever wanted to be held by someone else, weird ho ? o.O
And I'm just like every story
Hoping for a love-filled ending.

Because I'm human too,man and somehow I still feel
After all I've been through
I still feel love. :)

So we look like a sweet couple,
Walking together hand-in-hand at the City Plaza,
And I couldn't have been happier,
The night we met. HAHA

Well, I do know that you're not-so-loyal type. As I don't care it too.
I don't really understand why people keep come to me and say about your bad attitudes.
Moron , we're not a couple. Biaq kat dia laa nk gatai dgn sapa pon.
Aku mmg suka bilaa hangpa mai serang aku centuh tengah tengah public.
Nice ! Ahaks , May you guys get rotten in damn hell bebeh .

P/s ; Err , I actually like youu.=.= But I swear that I will never love you more.HAHA. You're the VIP
in my heart.haa I mean , Very.Important.Playboyy~ :)

celebrate the life, :)(:

Its a Friday night . And I am google-ing some cool stuff.HAHA.

I stumbled on your site by chance about an hour ago
and have just finished reading your blog which is absolute dynamite.
Your words for me was quite harsh.
I admit that its my fault.
S-O-R-R-Y !
*such a seldom word ho?*

But, I really cant take port with all this.
All this make me sick.
So, I have decide to celebrate and live my life.
No matter what happen.

Hoi bapuk.
Memang la hang bapuk.
Tapi, aku sayang hang lagi.
Ingat senang ka aku nak sayang bapuk?
Takkan la aku nak carik bapuk laen kot.
Hang satusatu nya bapuk yang ada dalam hati aku.
Hang jangan la risau.
Ingat aku ada perasaan ka kat bapuk laen tuh?

*Terpaksa cakap BM. Baru hang nampak sikit feeling aku yang tak berbelah bagi kat hang*

Seriously , I am not begging you to stay with me or forgive me.
Its up to you.Tak shine laa nk paksapaksa ni an?

Tapi,klo bapuk ni takdak,sapa nak teman p bazar? :(
sapa nak dok carik gado dengan aku?
sapa nak mungkir janji nak teman aku p taman?
sapa nak teman aku p pinjam buku ?

But, come on laa.
I know that you love your world with me in it.
And me,too, feeling the same.
No joke.

Sometimes, when text-ing, we are bad disaster.
And I am driving you crazy with my bad attitudes.
Two opposites so like that
But there’s no way to stop this now.
As a proof, a friend of mine did ask,

'Hubungan mpa dua nih memang takkan ada break hah?'

For your info ,
I would not die or suffer with any of you decision.
Because now I am living my life to the fullest,no matter what happen.

Plus , many people did ask me today if you're actually having scandals with your friend. And think that you guys a sweet couple,
C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S !
And I just say , 'Who knows?'

p/s : TERINGAT ! :P

You and me tonight , :)

You can like who ever you want.
You can love who ever you like.
Yes , we will continue this.
At least , for this period of time.
You hurt me twice.
And there is no guarantee that it won't happen again.
But dear you ,
You know who you are.
And you know who are you belongs to.


I am not too single :)

Seriously, you're too high for me. (:

Hey youu. Yah yah youu.
The one that always stalk my blog and pretend like you don't.
**heloo mayday.I know laah**
The one that block me at all your social website and use your friends to ehem ehemm mine.
The one that always text 'hg ni gedikk la.pegi msg dgn shah.pegi msg dgn man.'
The one that always says 'aku benci hg dgn sepenoh hati aku'. But 3minutes later, 'I
The one that said ' oh.untuk kadet boley noh xmkan ais?org soh simpan rambut sikit xboley'.
The one that will only reply 'oh.' 'ok.' 'ha.' when angry.
**sumpah benci gilaa,**
The one that said 'I don't want this , I don't want that'. when I ask you what do you want.
The one that quite patient when I ask you to accompany me to borrow books from the Public Library.

Well. This post is credited to you.

Hoi budakk annoying,


* This person will quickly find the phone and text me to know the words *
P/s : Find the meaning by yourself.

Sorry for not being the first one to wish on your birthday. I never be the first wisher to anyone.
You did tell me about they that are earlier than me. Well , I don't care. Being the first one doesn't mean anything. Open-minded la bro. Plus , they are your exes. I am more than that. I don't know whats on earth are you want actually by comparing me ? I hate being compared. You can do whatever you want with them. You can say whatever you want to say to them. But please draw a line between it.

Heyy yah again.
You should know by right.
I am a snobbish girl. Really I do.
I am a girl that full sense of egoism.
I am choosy in befriended with people.
I am a hard-seller girl.
I am a 'konet' girl that have such enormous dream.
Now you know my bad attitude, right ? Think it back. Its never too late for everything. You can own me. But seriously, you can't control me to the fullest. I am sorry.
**Tapi,part you menggedik dgn org lain, rasa mcam nk pukul jaa **
Nampak mcam tak adil kan ? Well. This is me, ('=.=)

Bdw , special thanks for the diary. Wow, seriously it impress me. I never wonder that you'll make our story as a booklet. Romantic derr, Err, I will keep it properly. Nanti letak dalam bank uh.

In a nutshell,

You're the one that I want to marry.HAHA.tediaaa.

member gegilaweyy,

:: ily,zrah.HAHA.gmaq cem kapel ya pon. Padan org pernah tuduh kita lesbos nuh,
But frankly, we're bestfriend ONLY ! ::

Guess when ? Its already 3am.
Guess what ? I'm at the middle of the town.Near the cityPlaza.
Inside a cybercafe named Infinity.
Guess who ? Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm with my biggy brother,
Muhammad Muhaimin Jamil.
Guess why ? I give him accompany. Kami dua sangap on9.
Kes wimax ktorg jammed.
**Yes dena. Anak dara mmg bagus keluar umah pagi cemni.

Suddenly,I'm quite missing someone. Eyp,its not you la. Its actually my besties, zirah.
Apa cer ni I rindu you tetiba ?
one word for me,
gilo !

if you're reading my crappie here,
just to let you know that I'm so grateful.
To have a good friend like you.
For God sake , dear.

Everyone has their own definition about friend.
And so do I.
As for me, friend is the one who always be by your side.
No matter what are you involve in.
Even sometimes its quite illegal.
in another word,HARAM.

Honestly, for me.
I don't need a friend that nagging all the time.
Tell me what to do.
And what to not.
Tell me what to eat.
And what to not.
I'm a teenagers already. BIG girl.
Boo-yah !
You're taking my mother role bebeh,

zirah, thanks for being so understanding.
Well, the memory when you give me accompany at the hospital was awesome.
EVEN the night was quite terrible la maday.

I still remember when we're like a 'foreigner' that night.
Run here and there.
Playing at the playground at 3am.
With all the apeshit 'bapoks'.
[ bodo gila pakGUARD sorg tu . xpdan pakGUARD. bley Overdose pepagi buta ]

The best part is ,
kita p bedal nasik yasmeen at 4am.
dengan ngantuk paa.
But, when its come to EAT thingy,
we're number ONE ,baby.
*Actually sebab ada org belanja sama nuh ? :)

Last and least,
I do love you, :D
**weyy bf zrah,hg jelesh dop ? Jgn jelesh nohh. Satg xbg nek ghta dua pintu pulak dah, :)

with ,

New comers ?

:: A, its fun to fight with you ::

Wooah !

I can"t stop my temptations to write here.First of all, as you guys know. My father, Mohd Yunus Bin Yaacop, just came back from the hospital. This would be the second times. The first time was a week after he admitted to the hospital. Because of what ? Well. Stroke thingy. And unfortunately, he's coma . But now..he's getting better I guess.

So,welcome home , ayah !

As I said, 'new comers' up there. I was referring to somebody actually.
I called the guy as 'A'.

Haii A..**saying with a flirt tone** ter'miss you !

Yes,it was you. I am about to talk about you here. Exactly. Heyy, its awesome to befriend with you. You really make me forget that apeshit. For awhile. You're damn protective bro. And you always said that , ' This is what a friend for '.

Thank-you ! <3

Having you as a friend , was a great thing.
No joke.
But, as we both know, we're great together as a friend.
Yes, a friend ONLY.
Not more than that.
I know that . And everyone know.
So,make up your mind about that.

Its not that I don't like you. I like you. For God , I like your style.
You are full of stylish thingy.
Your dreamy-car. satria neo .
Your *hair* , of course.
[ First time I saw your hair..'Oo mean.Is that your hair or what ?' ]
Your slippers. Nike brands yaw !
Your full-with-money wallet. Auw ,
Your limited edition Samsung phone. Buy me one ? HAHA
Your branded shirt and all that stuff.
One word for you,

But, some of your style wasn't my taste.
I'm sorry.
As you know,
I'm empty right know.
I have nothing in my heart.
No one .
**exception is for my family,adek and others that is needed !**
Got it ?

I am sorry for that rejection.
I am sorry for being so mean.
Yes , I mean it !

I have a great time with you . Remember when you drive to the hospital where I
stayed this holiday? It was a rainy day. Just to give me accompany.
Thanks buddy !

Last but not least,
Thanks for being one of my bestest buddy ever,
And I owe you something,

With ♥

iNdmy !

Gorillaz fever again,

they're cartoon. cute and unique right?

their official cover album.

rock for real !

HAHA.they are favourite past time band.I adore them since I'm in standard 3.
Yaaarh, No joke, =.=
Actually,I've already forgot about them .
As you know, now, I only crazy over new bands like Boys like Girls, We the Kings,All time low and others.
Out of blue.I'm thinking about Gorillaz just now.
And this post is credit to them.
heyy, they are quite awesome.
Maybe they are old band.
But.Really. No doubt. They're unique, Totally.
Their music genre is cool.
And their songs ? OMG ! Fucking rocks oke ?
Well, I don't know them actually. *does anyone know?
I keep guessing whether they are human or cartoon . *stupid la hg ida.mna ada cartoon bley nyanyi.
But, what I know, they've been created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in 1998.
For you guys information, their song , 'Feel Good Inc.' was the first
English song's lyrics that I can memorise.
And I do when I was in standard 3 yaww,
But, for now ,unfortunately, they didn't release any new song.
And thats quite dissapointed me. ('=.=)
What ever it is,
I, Ida Nurdiyana Mohd Yunus will always be your die-hard-fan.
Hail Gorillaz !

this would be enough,perhaps ?

First of all,
arghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!
*yelling of a bitch !

I'm sick of all this ,
Day by day,
The number of people that said that they love me keep increasing,
*see this serious face '=.=
No joke. And no doubt.
Why you guys are so easy to confess those 3words ha?
Even a boy that met me twice at the library.And we both never got a conversation together,
I was wondering that you guys were actually confusing with your feeling,got my point?
Maybe you just like to befriend with me. ONLY.
Thats would be fine,
But never say such a killer confession okay?
I'm dying everytime I heard those words from the LOSER.
I know that you guys didn't mean it actually ..
*double-serious now "=.=
That 3words is such a big words for me. *toy dokk adek ami? :)
So,don't simply say.
Some even dare to act like my boyfie even they've got a girlfie already.**tetttttt !
Tell me what to do,and what to not.
Don't take advantage leh,
One more thingy peeps..

I don't like when a guy is trying to attract my attention,using a dirty tactic.
HAHA. You told me that you've attracted to my friend.And need my help, [old tactic yaww!]
Then,you'll messaging me everyday. fuhh. Thats suck.
Its not that I'm going to show off that everyone love me or adore me by releasing this post.
I'm just trying to voice out everything. :)
Heyyyy,thats enough laa.
**I'm feeling like many people said that they love me,But I'm too,realising that none of them are mine.**

singkir camp, ;)

The sky is blue..
What a joy if all of us can sleep on the grass.
And watch the beauty of God's creation together.
Yes,I mean it.TOGETHER.
I met you there.Just an ordinary introduction.
I know your name.And you know mine.
At first,everyone still can't get along.
But destiny has made us stick to each other.
You are half of my soul.And so do I.
We're together.
In smile and joke.Or sad and hard.
We're become one.To bring one name.
And always to the first one.
Remember when all contingents hate us because we're too powerful?
Remember when they envy with our dance priority?;)
Remember our glory that night?
When we beat all the contingents and win the competition.
Thats awesome right?
Yes friends.We're too great for them to compete.
The time keeps running.
At first,everyone want to go home.
When the time come,everything change and everyone choose to stay.
9days that should be a long journey had happened in a blink of eyes.
dudes,remember our time when we got our dance practice with Sir Norul?*i adore him.
when the eating time.Exercise at the morning?We're doing the poco-poco stupid dance together.
In the bus.HAHA,.the boys will sang to the girls untill we all sleep.
*hey,,u guys have a very good voice yaww !
But,we all still had to separate.One by one had to go home.
Left the singkir camp with one thousand and one memories.

credits to my beloved ones : Farihin,Anisa,Sharezuwan,Mohd Azzam,Sharifah Alfeesyah,Norasyikin,Jalilah,Jenny,Jayanthi,Jaya,Jaja,Wan,Yusof,Taiko,pa Taiko,Solihin,Joey,Anne and Cheah. xD

In memories,

gala kokurikulum camp ;)

away for a week to kelantan,

dear peeps,

Can you guys imagine this? huh.I'lL be going to Kelantan for a week.yes.a week.or in the other words,7 days yaww ! I don't know what's the heaven of this camp is. But, frankly,I'm not feeling well. I'm not sure what is my problem actually. Am I feeling too worried about this camp?

Honestly, yes ! I'm worried. But,I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm going to left all my daily activities. First of all,my classes.Ida Nurdiyana,you're the Form4's student already.WAKE UP! You're going to burn up your classes. *especially the Science subjects classes..[Sir Ku,Ida mmg pandai gilaa pon.takat tinggai kelas 7hari,siyess xkesah ! ] Then,my cadet's practice *for sure my beloved-trio-seniors will missing us , Pien ! thee~ Not to forget,my vocal classes with sir khairil and sir shukri.cewah. *we're really work hard for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang that will be held on 12th of April.Cikgu,saya harap ketiadaan saya tidak mengganggu proses ini. Or maybe, is something bad wilL be going on there? God, I just wish I know !

Nothing else to say. My last wishes before I go :

adEk ; don't give up or frustrated. Your SPM result was superb yaww ! dont think too muchie.take care.Please do not cry .You'll get the scholarship,I know :)
bOotank ; girls.miss me please? HAHA.jgn havoc sgt kat skul,depa suma aim kita.pyah sggoh jd fames ,
hg.syg ; aq tw laa hg syg aq lg kan? (: muka cuak xbley blah.
kdLa ; kami jaga aih dya untok mpa.nnti byaq narh gaji ? Mcam bibik pulak,
Faiz ; jgan lupa norh bet antara kita ber3? Can't wait for my victory..:D
kFau ; mpa2.jgn sdeh nahh. Bg ruang kat dya. He needs time for real.bdw,balek nnt mpa kena ceta ah psai rahsia itu..**blink2:)
komi ; abg ooit.jga diqi tuh.jgn asyik pk msalah. No one can escape from problems. Da apa3,helo2 adik aja. No worry.. I won't skip my meal.
kNab ; qndu laa kat kami.
syafiqahRAZAK ; jgan gado2 nohh dgn alyaa,.(; setiap kali rindu I,p pukoi alyaa.


to all my followers.TC.

postedBY : iNdmy!