::my DIRTY little secrets ::

My dirty little secrets.

1.all my ex bf are GAY.[oops!!]

2. .i hate when pEOple remind me abOut myself.

3.i was allergic 2 metoclopramide since im in standard5.

4.i lurf my esh`ey 4 real.:)(:

5.im so jlEs v my bro when he told me tat he had a crush v a gurl on his 1st day at d kndrgrten.yesh. im in love v my own bro.so wutt?

6. I had an operation in my stomach 2yers ago. I play it off like everything is fine, deep inside i hurt everyday, and have to cry myself to sleep.

7.i like 2 mke boys regret when walkin` v deir gf n bumped v me

8.im`ma short gurl.[is it a scret? XD ]

9.i tke my bath in d sink whn I was 4yers old

10.i like 2 tke vitamins more than suggested dost.i tot it mke me btter.unfrtunately,it don’t

11.i hate handsome guy..XOXO [are u sure dyana:/ ?]

12. i hate half of my jnior.

[p/s:life is abt takin` risks.so,2 b KONTINIUD~!]