away for a week to kelantan,

dear peeps,

Can you guys imagine this? huh.I'lL be going to Kelantan for a week.yes.a week.or in the other words,7 days yaww ! I don't know what's the heaven of this camp is. But, frankly,I'm not feeling well. I'm not sure what is my problem actually. Am I feeling too worried about this camp?

Honestly, yes ! I'm worried. But,I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm going to left all my daily activities. First of all,my classes.Ida Nurdiyana,you're the Form4's student already.WAKE UP! You're going to burn up your classes. *especially the Science subjects classes..[Sir Ku,Ida mmg pandai gilaa pon.takat tinggai kelas 7hari,siyess xkesah ! ] Then,my cadet's practice *for sure my beloved-trio-seniors will missing us , Pien ! thee~ Not to forget,my vocal classes with sir khairil and sir shukri.cewah. *we're really work hard for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang that will be held on 12th of April.Cikgu,saya harap ketiadaan saya tidak mengganggu proses ini. Or maybe, is something bad wilL be going on there? God, I just wish I know !

Nothing else to say. My last wishes before I go :

adEk ; don't give up or frustrated. Your SPM result was superb yaww ! dont think too muchie.take care.Please do not cry .You'll get the scholarship,I know :)
bOotank ; girls.miss me please? HAHA.jgn havoc sgt kat skul,depa suma aim kita.pyah sggoh jd fames ,
hg.syg ; aq tw laa hg syg aq lg kan? (: muka cuak xbley blah.
kdLa ; kami jaga aih dya untok mpa.nnti byaq narh gaji ? Mcam bibik pulak,
Faiz ; jgan lupa norh bet antara kita ber3? Can't wait for my victory..:D
kFau ; mpa2.jgn sdeh nahh. Bg ruang kat dya. He needs time for real.bdw,balek nnt mpa kena ceta ah psai rahsia itu..**blink2:)
komi ; abg ooit.jga diqi tuh.jgn asyik pk msalah. No one can escape from problems. Da apa3,helo2 adik aja. No worry.. I won't skip my meal.
kNab ; qndu laa kat kami.
syafiqahRAZAK ; jgan gado2 nohh dgn alyaa,.(; setiap kali rindu I,p pukoi alyaa.


to all my followers.TC.

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im wishing..

Things that I want my NEXT boyfie have..

1) must know about my daily life. I mean, the person should understand about my hectic 'every'day.

2) has Justin Bieber's hairstyle. *highlite

3) should be the one who can sing Justin Bieber song entittled 'Baby' on our first date,.yaww!

4) still studying. I don't want an old boyfie. :P

5) addicted to Nescafe. so that we can hanging out together while having our tea :) one know,one nescafe.

6) I don't need a rich boyfie..the last lesson really get me on my nerves.,

7) a footballer.thats cool ryte? [my last boyfie was a goal-keeper..*sesi menayang ]

8) wearing Adidas or Converse stuff..

9) Myspacer or Facebook-er or Blogger..I want to know about his updates.

10) No need to let the whole know. Its already enough when the two of us know that
we own each other.

11) must wear a NIVEA for men deordoran,

12) got a watch. Same like me yaw !


oh gosh.dena is talking about a serious relationship..

Just now..a friend of mine ask me.we got a very deeper conversation together.

F : ida ida,do you have a couple?

capital I : WHATT??a couple?hello.i can't even iron my shirt myself. Im so not interested in ruining my life yaw!

F :'re sixteen babe.and you didn't interested in couple-life? you are so ABNORMAL.

capital I : why you say so dudes?

F : Because you really are. Teenagers life only come once in your lifetime.

capital I : Darls,Im not dying without a couple.see..Im still here,breathing.Standing still as a cute girl . *evil grinds :D and I have a very happy life too. im just too short.but,its not because i dont have a couple kay? :D

F :Whatever,,when was the last time you got a couple? I bet that it is when you was in standard 3.

capital I : no just break up last month okey.:D

Dear friend. Im not going to have a couple in this short time okee? fullstop.well. yes,I admit. It so fun when you have a couple. Especially when your couple do care about you. Always there when needed. Have a quite good-looking. And the cool part is when the couple is a very well-known person.And everyone want him But,i tell you this. It's suck when the couple always tell you what you can do and what you cant,.telling you with whom you can befriended and with whom you cant. And the best part when the couple accused you that you have a fair with the one that you don't even know. hell-yah !


kem BSN yaww!

this was the bestest caption of us on the jetty so far,
thanks to kNab,.:)

Setai! This camp was damn rawk! i never expect this from that camp.Before we go,I thought it just like a vacation.and guess what?im wrong.totally.this was the real camp.Ktorang dah lama ah balek dari kem ni. Im quite down-to-date to update the blog compared to kFau and kNab,.

kNab ;

kFau ;

Oke.lets start from the beginning.there’s a lot I wanna shared with u guys. If u guys think that it is a waste of time,just get rid your asshole from my page.tenq.:)


Firstly,it was a very suck sunday morning,kay? I woke up so early.semangat kot nk p,cemna la bley to me.that was the first disaster.then,.I cant reach up my wallet and ‘tudung hitam’.hergh!that was cool.dena,you’re going to a camp.and you left your wallet in the car.yes,your mother always teach you to do that.haiyak! double boo.

Time nak naik bas tu,.im totally out of the mood. Its like that I dont even care about the camp anymore. I tried to call my adek.but,I just cant reach her.maybe she still asleep. If you reading this, I really need at that time :(

Bootank dok sit blkang. Zrah sat beside umy.and umy sat beside me.and I sat beside syana,.haaa.cemna tu?think it by yourself.:P depan zrah n umy ada la 2 org budak laki which are komi and faiz. Pien and ezlin were the red,depa naik van. Ezlin,I salute u. van sampai lmbat sbab tggu u p toilet tuhh.HAHA.setai! ASMA RULES!

we're at the gurun RNR,.

tggu zrah p toilet,

All of my friends mmg admire teqok dgn faiz tu,.kes dia ada kamera adik beqadek dsLr.sory,I really stupid in identifying the camera’s type.(‘=.=) weyt faiz.frankly, I quite don’t like you at first.sbb dia direct tayang kamera dia.HAHA.:) bdw peeps.faiz got a camera that worth than 3ooobucks yaw. [he told I told u guys]

*ni faiz,.tudiaa kamera 3qibu qnggit.

Oke.dah smpai kat taman Negara P.pinang tu,suma pakat p toilet.HAHA.i really don’t like public toilet.weirdo? I don’t care. then,we’all start first,bootank mmg terlepaih kat blakang.all of us gt a photo shoot oke?[mcam taik an?dlam hutan pon tgkap adek teach me how to be a nature lover for real,.]

habeh gumbiraa,.


just smile :)

suma pkat hepy lpas bqebut toilet,

*hiking?here we go!

Dalam 30 minit dok hiking tu,suma dah bpecah,.ada yg still kt dpan.and some of us just want to stay at the far that I remembered,I was with syana.kHoney,faiz,zrah,komi and my kNanab. Can u imagine,.ada satu part tu,ktoqg sesat.yes,we’re LOST.syana,I can still remembered the time when both of us were arguing about the tract.u said that the real tract was on the left.and me?i really blank.and I don’t want to move on.tired terokk kud!lastly,we chose the tract that was on our right.and fortunately,we’re right!
*yang kanan salu afdal doe,

cemna gmaq depa ley lekat?
deeper conversations yaww!

Then,ada satu part yg memalukan kt sini.

.censored part.

Ada budak tu nk terjatuh and terpegang tgn kwan dia..haiyh.wt ceta Tamil,.i’ve got no idea who she is.really.(o.O)

Back to the business,we’re doing many things.and the best part was at the canopy walk.time tu mmg besh pekena umy.HAHA.xbley blah.i like to hear when umy screamed,.

‘woi syana.hg jalan la pelan2 tkot ah.quntoh kanopi ni baqu tw’

umy sygs,I la yg wat naya u.i tatw u gayat..actually,I nk blajar catwalk atas canopy.tu yg I jlan gelong2.nak bg daring skit.we’re cadet police,right?everyone keeps saying this words everytime we do an unusual thing.

*before nek kanopi.ada oqg ptong turn km :( taqam smpai mati doe,

pewwwit,.trah tgh kontrol cun tuh!

abeh kanopi walkk,.

Habeh canopy walk tu ktorang jalan lg..on the way,zrah and I got a very deep conversation dgn deep?very deep2 one.**kidding. He gave his opinion about sa and etc,.[he keep calling me his,officially we’re declared as brother and sister] from the conversation,I knew that he was my ex-senior’s ex-boyfie.*they were double ex there. Plus,he and faiz are the school photographers yaw! And they are the maktab Mahmud students.but,u guys really don’t act like one la.:P Then, smpai kat pantai kerachut.the view was so awesome.:) romantic doe..suddenly,it started raining out of pon berkmpung laa bwah pondok.gila sempit.dgan kebuluran segala.some of us mkan sambil cool is that?:B

oh gosh,.he's at the back..*whispering

kami tadak mknan,.tahan ayaq hujan ja,

After that,we’all ran towards the beach. u know what,u guys should go and check out Pantai Kerachut ‘s sceneries at dawn.bootank main2 tulis nma kat pasir.and so do I. I wrote the letter I and F.obviously,it stands for my name and my adek.**wink. I’ve got a pix of quite okay la.;) adek,I was thinking to take a seashell for u.but,it was National Park.we cant take anything from here.sorry.:,(

dear adek,ily.HAHA

That evening,ktorang pegi men ayaq kat waterfall.the water was so clear. Time tu aku sibok dok ngorat kHoney,heheh.*lwak la dia.dia junior upi atceli.(: i caught fishes,prawns and I.,but,we..then,we decorated the aquarium.kHoney was really good in decorating,. Then,kami p tempat pembiakan penyu. For the first time,as I standing on earth as a human..i can feel the turtle’s baby on my hand.they all cute,.rasa cam nk bwak balek bela kat aloq stuck pon ada gak. *sajalaa.penyu mank suka jlan atas tar pon dena.:D

psepa kNab jaa dpat turtle?

dpat dh turtle..*muka puaih aty

the friend of mine.*komi,i wan to put ur pix.but,i still dont have one.
no wory,.ilL try.:)

Time balek ke tapak kem paling was sunset uke?byak gak la caption kat sini.kNab and kFau soh aku jalan smbil pgg kasut.HAHA.jlan tepi pantai aa kunon.but,u know what,I really look like a pondan,walking with that style.:) *credits to komi as the photographer and faiz as the model.

cyes cunn,.

**ceshhhh.,out of blue,there's a guy behind me.

At night,suddenly I feel like flu.badan aku sejuk gila time tu.maybe main ayaq byak sgt kt,the sea water.Luckily,I’ve got a friend name zrah.she gave me her cardigans.and it comfort me.zrah,ily! *she’s like a mother of bootank.zrah,klo u kqang skit bletiaq tu,that would be okay la dear,,doodie~ kami main game.simpson said pa benda tah.honestly,aku main tipu.ampun abg bob,*evil grins :D

Dah habeh pa suma,kami suma smgat la msok tdoq.but,suddenly..i’ve got a lg,ajak la zrah teman.tkot kott nk p soqg2,dah la dlam hutan.and zrah pon ajak laa mreka teman as the safety precaution..faiz n komi..u guys are the heroes of the camp.,*chehh.mmg la dpat kat mpa dua.dh mpa dua ja laki .:D

Lpas p toilet an..the four of us went to the jetty,.the boys want to go fishing.and the girls?HAHA.we`all were trying die-hard to get the coverage.and guess what,we failed.last skali empat2 ketoi manusia ni end up dgan usha jellyfish and sotong bermain2 dlam laut.:) dan bberapa lagi kwan kami pon join..kawan2.nnt kita wat vacation lg tepi pantai.


aku xpham psepa aku pose cemtuh,.

hmpa skema.mandi pon pkai tag,.

A new day.but,everyone was talking about yesterday.:P early in the morning,everyone had an exercise session beside the sea.gosh,.! I wish I can do it everyday.but,I can do nothing.there’s no sea at aloq stuck.beside my house is just a paddy field.but, that would be enough already god.

We all took our breakfast.and get ready to go to batu ferigghi.mostly,budak asma xmandi pagi 2 sbab suma nak tggu mandi kat sana.then,ada penyampaian sijil and what so not.aku kna jdik photographer sat.tgkap laa suma gmbar bdak asma.but,when its my turn.kFau xsempat capture.*bebai (-.-)

Kami balek naik banana boat tuh.syana and I were on the same boat.*syana.kita mank besh pon kan bila kena telan ayaq laut.manis sunggoh. Heh..sampai2 daratan,suma pakat syok.sbab dpat coverage.*pien kan,dia dpat 2o msg.bopren dia sent. then,heading to batu ferigghi.first2,I sat alone in the bus u know.thats why I can sleep like in heaven.suddenly,ada la hamba allah ni mai dok sbelah..*dear u,u kaco I tdoq yaw? HAHA.

Smpai batu feringghi,suma pkat mandi manda.syana,aku and kNab pon,dkat shower.mlas turon laut.sunburn atg.dah la salu dok bjemoq dah time kawad.tiba2.toilet tu huru hara,kes ezlin kena sengat dgn jellyfish.tudia laa sygs.u asyik gtau kShasha yg u nk jumpa jellyfish.tu yg jellyfish cqik u.sbaq narh kwan.i know you’re strong enough.kita kan kadet? *wey.len kali jgn teyak kuat2. I gemuroh kott.

komi dan ida.actually ada 1 lg gmbaq dgn soqg lg bdak,.tp,x diviewkan oleh sbb trtentu yaw!

Astoh,kami p shopping kt chowrasta.we took our lunch at padang kota.i was on,I was just singing while saw all the was so eye-catching.out of blue,ada la budak ni dok wat muka comey.nk goda oqg la tuh.hey,u think I don’t know that you’ve a gf already?HAHA.

Everyone was tired.suma msuk bas and sleep all the way to aloq stuck.buttttt, not sleeping at the back there. Im usha-ing my abg n kFau.

[CORRECTION from kFau’s blog : im not doing anything with my sit partner uke?we’re just talking,usha-ing and gossip-ing about your movie with my abg.:P ]

Finally,we’re arrived. I saw them on my way home,.walking and laughing together. And my heart shouted from inside here,saying that..’im hurt.’

p/s : weyy.musty mpa xpham an.tapa2.ending ni wat xtau ja.:)

*credits to :

: bootank ; aku syg hmpa soma.hmpa tdak,aku mati.klo aku tdak?hmpa kena mati gak nah?thee^

: kNab ; mashehh jdik cem kkak bootank.hmpa pon rawk jgak.kNab take
bootank jdik adik angkat dia uh.:) dya ckap, ‘this camp was like an expedition to find love!’

: kFau ; the photographer of the camp.u’ve capture many beautiful pictures.walaupun mpa cuqik abg km,its oke.kami redha.(‘-.O)

: faiz and komi ; abgs merangkap heroes of the camp.tenq cause always there when needed,.acehh* adik2 anda syg akan anda.

: kHoney ; xtaw nk tuley pa psai,nak credit kat mpa jugak.bhaha

:n ofkos for the bSn management.

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