You're mine. Until you get married. :)

P/s : This is captured at our old house. :)

His name is Mohd Helmi B Mohd Jamil. One of my heroes collections.
When will you come back to Alor Setar ? :(
I'm kinda miss you a lot.
I miss your nagging, all the time.
Telling me what to do and what to not.
The one that always remind me about praying time.
Your skills of waking me up every Subuh was awesome.
One of it ;

' Bangun chek bangun. Dunia dah nak kiamat ni. Bangun! '

Bongok betol.
Then , you're the one that always comment about my appearances.
I just don't know. But i am so easy with you.
Even sometimes your mouth is quite LASER,

If I forget to put on my scarf, you'll advice me softly.
Like ;

' Rambut tu lawa. Tapi kalo pakai tudung lagi lawa. '

Seriously, tak terasa pon.

People will think im crazy.
Extremely obsessed with my very own brothers.
Thats good than obsessed to boys, I guess.

P/s : My brothers are mine until they get married :D HAHA.queen-control derr.So, still interested to be my
brother ? *imjustkidding