A Little Piece of Craps ♥

Heyy babes. Arrrr I mean, sweethearts   (: 

So, how are you guys doing? Long time no see, aite? While I write this post, I was actually fill the form for re-checking thingy for my Biology paper. *a very longggg silence______________________ *sigh*    You guys know how high my expectations for my Biology, aite? Well I'm working hard to settle down this before going back to UTP this morning. 

But somehow, I feel like ... Subhanallah , I miss us freakingly and extremely much. I miss us hanging out at Jubli Emas together. Still remember my accident after went back from Ummy's birthday. One day after the last paper of our SPM examination. The scar still there, dude. Here, right on my hand and my knee. I never think to get rid of the scar. At least it had good memories behind it ^____^ I miss us spending our good time at City Plaza and Star Parade too. Have our lunch at Pak Hainan. Karok time and strip dancing  too :O I miss us had a sleep-over at Ummy's house and watch a-teenage-enough movie. BHAHA, *evil grins* I miss how busy we prepare ourselves for Cadet Police partayyy last year. Busy like shit. Senior kann~ Dengan contact lens Barbie bagai :P The best part was Zirah and Ummy try to death only to put the lens inside my eyes. From that day, I realised that my eyes are small and Barbie's contact lens cant fit my eyes very well.

 I miss us wearing our worst attire everytime went for Teacher Noni's Addmath class. I miss people calling us 'Les'. Haha, may they get rotten in hell. Sorry for not coming and meet you guys at Alor Setar. I've got no available driver. Well, Sungai Petani is quite cool. The mall is away too big. Nampak lagi KL ah orang kata. Hee jk, The big but here, it is nothing hang-ing out alone at Starbucks and Tutti Fruitti without you guys. From the very bottom of my heart, you guys are rather awesome than  (:

P/s : So, here would be our last pictures together on our Graduation Day before I have stuck at UTP. For God sake, i miss us!    
Stuck in the middle,