Life gets harder so does my studies. I still looking for a life partner, I mean the perfect one but recently it seems like it won’t come up. May be I’m too ugly for people around here, or maybe I’m too picky? [haha.crazy~!im only at form4 n now im looking for a life partner]

Standing at the balcony at the middle of the night to release my stress during my day almost every night, it makes me feel better, but life still gets harder. I am so tired of this life, but I know that one day the shine will come without any sign. Life is full of uncertainties. People come and go is one of the flow of life.

Right now, I still couldn’t see what would I be next 5 years? A scientist or a street girl? Could I pay all my parent’s sacrifice? Sometimes I like to call my last memories, my childhood memories that full of happiness.

Studying at the high prestige school really makes me undertermine ! hey2.i mean,sometimes teachers want more from us.I`ve tried so hard.but.i afraid that i couldn`t fullfil their desire.2 Years to go and I don’t know if I could stand that long. I won’t waste my parent’s salary to pay my fees n all this things.Because I realized that they won’t live any longer. Mom, Dad… I’ll Pay you back! I promise!!!