Gorillaz fever again,

they're cartoon. cute and unique right?

their official cover album.

rock for real !

HAHA.they are Gorillaz.my favourite past time band.I adore them since I'm in standard 3.
Yaaarh, No joke, =.=
Actually,I've already forgot about them .
As you know, now, I only crazy over new bands like Boys like Girls, We the Kings,All time low and others.
Out of blue.I'm thinking about Gorillaz just now.
And this post is credit to them.
heyy, they are quite awesome.
Maybe they are old band.
But.Really. No doubt. They're unique, Totally.
Their music genre is cool.
And their songs ? OMG ! Fucking rocks oke ?
Well, I don't know them actually. *does anyone know?
I keep guessing whether they are human or cartoon . *stupid la hg ida.mna ada cartoon bley nyanyi.
But, what I know, they've been created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in 1998.
For you guys information, their song , 'Feel Good Inc.' was the first
English song's lyrics that I can memorise.
And I do when I was in standard 3 yaww,
But, for now ,unfortunately, they didn't release any new song.
And thats quite dissapointed me. ('=.=)
What ever it is,
I, Ida Nurdiyana Mohd Yunus will always be your die-hard-fan.
Hail Gorillaz !

this would be enough,perhaps ?

First of all,
arghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!
*yelling of a bitch !

I'm sick of all this ,
Day by day,
The number of people that said that they love me keep increasing,
*see this serious face '=.=
No joke. And no doubt.
Why you guys are so easy to confess those 3words ha?
Even a boy that met me twice at the library.And we both never got a conversation together,
I was wondering that you guys were actually confusing with your feeling,got my point?
Maybe you just like to befriend with me. ONLY.
Thats would be fine,
But never say such a killer confession okay?
I'm dying everytime I heard those words from the LOSER.
I know that you guys didn't mean it actually ..
*double-serious now "=.=
That 3words is such a big words for me. *toy dokk adek ami? :)
So,don't simply say.
Some even dare to act like my boyfie even they've got a girlfie already.**tetttttt !
Tell me what to do,and what to not.
Don't take advantage leh,
One more thingy peeps..

I don't like when a guy is trying to attract my attention,using a dirty tactic.
HAHA. You told me that you've attracted to my friend.And need my help, [old tactic yaww!]
Then,you'll messaging me everyday. fuhh. Thats suck.
Its not that I'm going to show off that everyone love me or adore me by releasing this post.
I'm just trying to voice out everything. :)
Heyyyy,thats enough laa.
**I'm feeling like many people said that they love me,But I'm too,realising that none of them are mine.**

singkir camp, ;)

The sky is blue..
What a joy if all of us can sleep on the grass.
And watch the beauty of God's creation together.
Yes,I mean it.TOGETHER.
I met you there.Just an ordinary introduction.
I know your name.And you know mine.
At first,everyone still can't get along.
But destiny has made us stick to each other.
You are half of my soul.And so do I.
We're together.
In smile and joke.Or sad and hard.
We're become one.To bring one name.
And always to the first one.
Remember when all contingents hate us because we're too powerful?
Remember when they envy with our dance priority?;)
Remember our glory that night?
When we beat all the contingents and win the competition.
Thats awesome right?
Yes friends.We're too great for them to compete.
The time keeps running.
At first,everyone want to go home.
When the time come,everything change and everyone choose to stay.
9days that should be a long journey had happened in a blink of eyes.
dudes,remember our time when we got our dance practice with Sir Norul?*i adore him.
when the eating time.Exercise at the morning?We're doing the poco-poco stupid dance together.
In the bus.HAHA,.the boys will sang to the girls untill we all sleep.
*hey,,u guys have a very good voice yaww !
But,we all still had to separate.One by one had to go home.
Left the singkir camp with one thousand and one memories.

credits to my beloved ones : Farihin,Anisa,Sharezuwan,Mohd Azzam,Sharifah Alfeesyah,Norasyikin,Jalilah,Jenny,Jayanthi,Jaya,Jaja,Wan,Yusof,Taiko,pa Taiko,Solihin,Joey,Anne and Cheah. xD

In memories,

gala kokurikulum camp ;)