this would be enough,perhaps ?

First of all,
arghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!
*yelling of a bitch !

I'm sick of all this ,
Day by day,
The number of people that said that they love me keep increasing,
*see this serious face '=.=
No joke. And no doubt.
Why you guys are so easy to confess those 3words ha?
Even a boy that met me twice at the library.And we both never got a conversation together,
I was wondering that you guys were actually confusing with your feeling,got my point?
Maybe you just like to befriend with me. ONLY.
Thats would be fine,
But never say such a killer confession okay?
I'm dying everytime I heard those words from the LOSER.
I know that you guys didn't mean it actually ..
*double-serious now "=.=
That 3words is such a big words for me. *toy dokk adek ami? :)
So,don't simply say.
Some even dare to act like my boyfie even they've got a girlfie already.**tetttttt !
Tell me what to do,and what to not.
Don't take advantage leh,
One more thingy peeps..

I don't like when a guy is trying to attract my attention,using a dirty tactic.
HAHA. You told me that you've attracted to my friend.And need my help, [old tactic yaww!]
Then,you'll messaging me everyday. fuhh. Thats suck.
Its not that I'm going to show off that everyone love me or adore me by releasing this post.
I'm just trying to voice out everything. :)
Heyyyy,thats enough laa.
**I'm feeling like many people said that they love me,But I'm too,realising that none of them are mine.**