ten priceless things that u cant live v/out `em.

[ATTENTION : not include ur fmily as dey ald hold d highest position in ur life.]

1)all my knowledge.my memories.[.dey r totally priceless u noe]

2)my sa opkosh.:) (:

3)kSab,madu saya.[she owe me my sygs] :P

4)bootank.best frens.best buddy.n all frens.

5)my handphone.[I use my own money 2 buy it.FULLY]

6) skul tshirt.blueblack tracksuit.`tdung`.badge.n my valued cadet shoes.[dey hv deir own memorial vlue in my hart]

7)my paipai.adidas bag.adidas wtch.adidas cap.converse wllet.bodyglove skul bag [my bday pwezen.n I cant live v/out dem]

8)my radio.as music is a part of my life.my pendrive tat full v my fav song.

9)my laptop.[heh..its not `my` atceli..it shud b `our`..haha]

10)las but not least.,my nametag.her nametag.our nametag.xoxo

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