ilikeyou OR iloveyou ?

i LIKE you || i LOVE you

Before I start to write more, lets us see

and know the REAL meaning of the words by heart.

There’s such a huge different between both words.

Other than their spelling, of course.

As for me , LIKE is some kind of feeling that you have

When you think that someone is nice or enjoy being with them

While LOVE , is to have a strong feeling of caring for and liking somebody,

Combined with sexual attraction. *nyittttt*

Well , if you are telling me that ' I love you , Dena ' ,

You're crazy because falling in love with me .

But , if I said ' I love you , '

I am rather crazier than you ,

Because that would be the last words I said to any other people.

P/s : Only my beloved one will call me 'DENA' . :D