im wishing..

Things that I want my NEXT boyfie have..

1) must know about my daily life. I mean, the person should understand about my hectic 'every'day.

2) has Justin Bieber's hairstyle. *highlite

3) should be the one who can sing Justin Bieber song entittled 'Baby' on our first date,.yaww!

4) still studying. I don't want an old boyfie. :P

5) addicted to Nescafe. so that we can hanging out together while having our tea :) one know,one nescafe.

6) I don't need a rich boyfie..the last lesson really get me on my nerves.,

7) a footballer.thats cool ryte? [my last boyfie was a goal-keeper..*sesi menayang ]

8) wearing Adidas or Converse stuff..

9) Myspacer or Facebook-er or Blogger..I want to know about his updates.

10) No need to let the whole know. Its already enough when the two of us know that
we own each other.

11) must wear a NIVEA for men deordoran,

12) got a watch. Same like me yaw !