away for a week to kelantan,

dear peeps,

Can you guys imagine this? huh.I'lL be going to Kelantan for a week.yes.a week.or in the other words,7 days yaww ! I don't know what's the heaven of this camp is. But, frankly,I'm not feeling well. I'm not sure what is my problem actually. Am I feeling too worried about this camp?

Honestly, yes ! I'm worried. But,I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm going to left all my daily activities. First of all,my classes.Ida Nurdiyana,you're the Form4's student already.WAKE UP! You're going to burn up your classes. *especially the Science subjects classes..[Sir Ku,Ida mmg pandai gilaa pon.takat tinggai kelas 7hari,siyess xkesah ! ] Then,my cadet's practice *for sure my beloved-trio-seniors will missing us , Pien ! thee~ Not to forget,my vocal classes with sir khairil and sir shukri.cewah. *we're really work hard for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang that will be held on 12th of April.Cikgu,saya harap ketiadaan saya tidak mengganggu proses ini. Or maybe, is something bad wilL be going on there? God, I just wish I know !

Nothing else to say. My last wishes before I go :

adEk ; don't give up or frustrated. Your SPM result was superb yaww ! dont think too muchie.take care.Please do not cry .You'll get the scholarship,I know :)
bOotank ; girls.miss me please? HAHA.jgn havoc sgt kat skul,depa suma aim kita.pyah sggoh jd fames ,
hg.syg ; aq tw laa hg syg aq lg kan? (: muka cuak xbley blah.
kdLa ; kami jaga aih dya untok mpa.nnti byaq narh gaji ? Mcam bibik pulak,
Faiz ; jgan lupa norh bet antara kita ber3? Can't wait for my victory..:D
kFau ; mpa2.jgn sdeh nahh. Bg ruang kat dya. He needs time for real.bdw,balek nnt mpa kena ceta ah psai rahsia itu..**blink2:)
komi ; abg ooit.jga diqi tuh.jgn asyik pk msalah. No one can escape from problems. Da apa3,helo2 adik aja. No worry.. I won't skip my meal.
kNab ; qndu laa kat kami.
syafiqahRAZAK ; jgan gado2 nohh dgn alyaa,.(; setiap kali rindu I,p pukoi alyaa.


to all my followers.TC.

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