New comers ?

:: A, its fun to fight with you ::

Wooah !

I can"t stop my temptations to write here.First of all, as you guys know. My father, Mohd Yunus Bin Yaacop, just came back from the hospital. This would be the second times. The first time was a week after he admitted to the hospital. Because of what ? Well. Stroke thingy. And unfortunately, he's coma . But now..he's getting better I guess.

So,welcome home , ayah !

As I said, 'new comers' up there. I was referring to somebody actually.
I called the guy as 'A'.

Haii A..**saying with a flirt tone** ter'miss you !

Yes,it was you. I am about to talk about you here. Exactly. Heyy, its awesome to befriend with you. You really make me forget that apeshit. For awhile. You're damn protective bro. And you always said that , ' This is what a friend for '.

Thank-you ! <3

Having you as a friend , was a great thing.
No joke.
But, as we both know, we're great together as a friend.
Yes, a friend ONLY.
Not more than that.
I know that . And everyone know.
So,make up your mind about that.

Its not that I don't like you. I like you. For God , I like your style.
You are full of stylish thingy.
Your dreamy-car. satria neo .
Your *hair* , of course.
[ First time I saw your hair..'Oo mean.Is that your hair or what ?' ]
Your slippers. Nike brands yaw !
Your full-with-money wallet. Auw ,
Your limited edition Samsung phone. Buy me one ? HAHA
Your branded shirt and all that stuff.
One word for you,

But, some of your style wasn't my taste.
I'm sorry.
As you know,
I'm empty right know.
I have nothing in my heart.
No one .
**exception is for my family,adek and others that is needed !**
Got it ?

I am sorry for that rejection.
I am sorry for being so mean.
Yes , I mean it !

I have a great time with you . Remember when you drive to the hospital where I
stayed this holiday? It was a rainy day. Just to give me accompany.
Thanks buddy !

Last but not least,
Thanks for being one of my bestest buddy ever,
And I owe you something,

With ♥

iNdmy !