member gegilaweyy,

:: ily,zrah.HAHA.gmaq cem kapel ya pon. Padan org pernah tuduh kita lesbos nuh,
But frankly, we're bestfriend ONLY ! ::

Guess when ? Its already 3am.
Guess what ? I'm at the middle of the town.Near the cityPlaza.
Inside a cybercafe named Infinity.
Guess who ? Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm with my biggy brother,
Muhammad Muhaimin Jamil.
Guess why ? I give him accompany. Kami dua sangap on9.
Kes wimax ktorg jammed.
**Yes dena. Anak dara mmg bagus keluar umah pagi cemni.

Suddenly,I'm quite missing someone. Eyp,its not you la. Its actually my besties, zirah.
Apa cer ni I rindu you tetiba ?
one word for me,
gilo !

if you're reading my crappie here,
just to let you know that I'm so grateful.
To have a good friend like you.
For God sake , dear.

Everyone has their own definition about friend.
And so do I.
As for me, friend is the one who always be by your side.
No matter what are you involve in.
Even sometimes its quite illegal.
in another word,HARAM.

Honestly, for me.
I don't need a friend that nagging all the time.
Tell me what to do.
And what to not.
Tell me what to eat.
And what to not.
I'm a teenagers already. BIG girl.
Boo-yah !
You're taking my mother role bebeh,

zirah, thanks for being so understanding.
Well, the memory when you give me accompany at the hospital was awesome.
EVEN the night was quite terrible la maday.

I still remember when we're like a 'foreigner' that night.
Run here and there.
Playing at the playground at 3am.
With all the apeshit 'bapoks'.
[ bodo gila pakGUARD sorg tu . xpdan pakGUARD. bley Overdose pepagi buta ]

The best part is ,
kita p bedal nasik yasmeen at 4am.
dengan ngantuk paa.
But, when its come to EAT thingy,
we're number ONE ,baby.
*Actually sebab ada org belanja sama nuh ? :)

Last and least,
I do love you, :D
**weyy bf zrah,hg jelesh dop ? Jgn jelesh nohh. Satg xbg nek ghta dua pintu pulak dah, :)

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