I am not too single :)

Seriously, you're too high for me. (:

Hey youu. Yah yah youu.
The one that always stalk my blog and pretend like you don't.
**heloo mayday.I know laah**
The one that block me at all your social website and use your friends to ehem ehemm mine.
The one that always text 'hg ni gedikk la.pegi msg dgn shah.pegi msg dgn man.'
The one that always says 'aku benci hg dgn sepenoh hati aku'. But 3minutes later, 'I
The one that said ' oh.untuk kadet boley noh xmkan ais?org soh simpan rambut sikit xboley'.
The one that will only reply 'oh.' 'ok.' 'ha.' when angry.
**sumpah benci gilaa,**
The one that said 'I don't want this , I don't want that'. when I ask you what do you want.
The one that quite patient when I ask you to accompany me to borrow books from the Public Library.

Well. This post is credited to you.

Hoi budakk annoying,


* This person will quickly find the phone and text me to know the words *
P/s : Find the meaning by yourself.

Sorry for not being the first one to wish on your birthday. I never be the first wisher to anyone.
You did tell me about they that are earlier than me. Well , I don't care. Being the first one doesn't mean anything. Open-minded la bro. Plus , they are your exes. I am more than that. I don't know whats on earth are you want actually by comparing me ? I hate being compared. You can do whatever you want with them. You can say whatever you want to say to them. But please draw a line between it.

Heyy yah again.
You should know by right.
I am a snobbish girl. Really I do.
I am a girl that full sense of egoism.
I am choosy in befriended with people.
I am a hard-seller girl.
I am a 'konet' girl that have such enormous dream.
Now you know my bad attitude, right ? Think it back. Its never too late for everything. You can own me. But seriously, you can't control me to the fullest. I am sorry.
**Tapi,part you menggedik dgn org lain, rasa mcam nk pukul jaa **
Nampak mcam tak adil kan ? Well. This is me, ('=.=)

Bdw , special thanks for the diary. Wow, seriously it impress me. I never wonder that you'll make our story as a booklet. Romantic derr, Err, I will keep it properly. Nanti letak dalam bank uh.

In a nutshell,

You're the one that I want to marry.HAHA.tediaaa.