celebrate the life, :)(:

Its a Friday night . And I am google-ing some cool stuff.HAHA.

I stumbled on your site by chance about an hour ago
and have just finished reading your blog which is absolute dynamite.
Your words for me was quite harsh.
I admit that its my fault.
S-O-R-R-Y !
*such a seldom word ho?*

But, I really cant take port with all this.
All this make me sick.
So, I have decide to celebrate and live my life.
No matter what happen.

Hoi bapuk.
Memang la hang bapuk.
Tapi, aku sayang hang lagi.
Ingat senang ka aku nak sayang bapuk?
Takkan la aku nak carik bapuk laen kot.
Hang satusatu nya bapuk yang ada dalam hati aku.
Hang jangan la risau.
Ingat aku ada perasaan ka kat bapuk laen tuh?

*Terpaksa cakap BM. Baru hang nampak sikit feeling aku yang tak berbelah bagi kat hang*

Seriously , I am not begging you to stay with me or forgive me.
Its up to you.Tak shine laa nk paksapaksa ni an?

Tapi,klo bapuk ni takdak,sapa nak teman p bazar? :(
sapa nak dok carik gado dengan aku?
sapa nak mungkir janji nak teman aku p taman?
sapa nak teman aku p pinjam buku ?

But, come on laa.
I know that you love your world with me in it.
And me,too, feeling the same.
No joke.

Sometimes, when text-ing, we are bad disaster.
And I am driving you crazy with my bad attitudes.
Two opposites so like that
But there’s no way to stop this now.
As a proof, a friend of mine did ask,

'Hubungan mpa dua nih memang takkan ada break hah?'

For your info ,
I would not die or suffer with any of you decision.
Because now I am living my life to the fullest,no matter what happen.

Plus , many people did ask me today if you're actually having scandals with your friend. And think that you guys a sweet couple,
C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S !
And I just say , 'Who knows?'

p/s : TERINGAT ! :P